Episode 48

Season 2 – Episode 17

February 10, 2012
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Guest: Dr. Jason Coe

Judah welcomes perennial guest and KLEAN Treatment Center resident psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Dr. Jason Coe. Dr. Coe talks about using prescription drugs to help recovery and how addicts should try to become sober before even considering medications to help in recovery. A listener addicted to prescription opiates calls in because she feels that she is going to die if she doesn’t receive treatment immediately. Judah and Dr. Coe reach out and offer help to get her into treatment. Another listener calls in to ask about healthy use of medication as prescribed by doctors.

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Groupshot - Season 2, Episode 17
Dr. Jason Coe, Judah Friedman

  • susan conboy

    My son, Alex, will be released from prison in April, due to an incarceration involving around heroin. While he was incarcerated, his best friend died from a heroin overdose. So he has not really been able to grieve over his friend’s death mainly due to the fact, as he puts it…..you cannot show any sign of weakness while in prison. Alex says he wants to change his life and stay clean. These are words I’ve heard from him before, but, I truly believe he means it this time. Any advice on how I can help him grieve without turning to drugs to help with his pain?