Season 3 – Episode 25

December 12, 2012
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Guests: Lauri L. Burns & Jane Dawson

Andrew Spanswick the Executive Director of KLEAN Treatment Center along with his co-host Judah Friedman welcome Lauri Burns and Jane Dawson from The Teen Project. Judah and Andrew open the show with a discussion on recent tragic events with several players in the NFL. Lauri, the founder of The Teen Project, talks about how she went from living on the streets and being in the care of the Juvenile Dependency System, doing drugs, and having a near-death life-altering experience that led to her sobriety and taking care of “At Risk Youth” for the past 25 years. A mother calls in to ask how find aftercare and a support system for her daughter who is returning from rehab for heroine addiction. Jane talks about how she first met Lauri while attending an AA meeting, and how it inspired her to stay sober and be of service to the community.

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