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Cheryl Shuman on weed as a gateway drug

Jun 13, 2016Comments off473 Views

CHERYL says: “I tried cannabis before I ever tried cocaine or any other illegal drugs. I tried cannabis for the first time back in the

Cheryl Shuman on medical marijuana

Jun 13, 2016Comments off522 Views

JUDAH says: “Right now in Colorado there are 30,000 people celebrating 420 and I think this hurts the cause and is part of the reason

Jason Coe on honesty in sobriety

Jun 13, 2016Comments off526 Views

JUDAH says: “I really think that once you share these things, once you start to open up and get honest it makes life so much

Jason Coe on surrounding yourself with supp...

Jun 13, 2016Comments off496 Views

JUDAH says: “This is actually a very interesting point. If I can get a team of a few people that I trust in the area

Jason Coe on getting through the disease

Jun 13, 2016Comments off460 Views

JUDAH says: “In our disease, you get through it by talking about yourself, going to meetings, and going out to eat with people. That’s a

John Savage on not worrying about the finis...

Jun 13, 2016Comments off447 Views

JOHN says: “This is a spirit that is shared by other people and by you guys putting this on the air you are helping to

Sherry Gaba on recovery coaching

Jun 13, 2016Comments off417 Views

SHERRY says: “I don’t buy that when people say to me that the economy hasn’t changed. You can become an entrepreneur. Just look at the

Sherry Gaba on changing recovery

Jun 13, 2016Comments off421 Views

SHERRY says: “It takes years for someone to change. What I mean is it’s really tough to reverse someone who is violent. If that person

Wendy Walsh on attachment disorder

Jun 13, 2016Comments off491 Views

WENDY says: “We have a huge population of people in America who don’t get the love they need as infants and toddlers. They grow up

Wendy Walsh on slow love

Jun 13, 2016Comments off446 Views

PAT says: “What is love detox?” WENDY says: “Well that is sort of an anti-hook-up culture. In this idea you can compartmentalize sex into one