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Jennifer Gimenez

Actor and TV Personality, Jennifer Gimenez shares her experience with weight issues and the severity of eating disorders and talks about her experience on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab. Amanda calls in to share how Jennifer’s openness and honesty helps her and so many other women.


Dr. Helen O’Mahony & Andy Clay

Dr. Helene O’Mahony speaks about why she began working in treatment, the symptoms of PTSD and how there is hope. Retired veteran, Andy Clay, shares about his experience in the Marines, staying sober for 14 years, and how his son changed his perspective on life.


Bradford Bancroft & Paul Palmeri

Drama Therapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Bradford Bancroft speaks about his experience with the Veterans Association, working with veterans suffering with PTSD, and his recent involvement with KLEAN Treatment Center. Comedian Paul Palmeri shares his experience doing stand-up sober.


Ro Delle Grazie

Hilarious comedian Ro Delle Grazie speaks about Al-Anon and how it’s effected her life. discuss DUI’s and the consequences of them. And our devoted listener Sonnie calls in to serenade Judah and Andrew.


Howie Wallfish & Dr. Jason Coe

Howie Wallfish talks about how he was oblivious to his girlfriend abusing crack, and the difference between performing sober and under the influence. Dr. Coe joined the show and gave a concise definition of addiction.


Jeremy Stanton & Earl Skakel

Comedian Earl Skakel talks about having never had a drug or consumed alcohol, and the prevalent scene of addiction in the comedy community. Jeremy Stanton of Haven House Recovery discusses sober living houses.


Patty Baret, Lauren Arborio, Lenny Wilson

discuss the tragic death of Amy Winehouse and her struggles with addiction. Comedian Lenny Wilson joins the show to discuss his personal journey in sobriety and being sober for 23 years. The founders of Connections in Recovery; Patty Baret and Lauren Arborio share about their dedication to helping people who need recovery.


Donna Mizani & Sandy Stotzer

Fashion designer Donna Mizani shares her experience of getting sober at the age of 20 after an addiction to oxycodone then starting her own business. Comedian Sandy Stotzer talks about being sober for 25 years and the joys of being married.


David Zasloff & Carlos Herrera

David Zasloff discusses his latest book, and CD, and how sobriety gave him ability to achieve them. Comedian Carlos Herrera shares his concerns about going on medication and his fears of whether or not that meant he was still sober.


Controversial Drug Topics

discuss the hot controversial topic of Ibogaine, a hallucinogenic alkaloid substance derived from the root of the African plant tabernanthe iboga. They also touch on the relevant topic of the latest Flesh Eating Cocaine, laced with the veterinary drug; Levamisol, found in New York and Los Angeles.


Dr. Matthew Torrington, Eric Hahn

Dr. Torrington speaks about his free clinic, his views on needle exchange, and also shares his ideas on harm reduction. Comedian Eric Hahn shares about getting sober at 25, what it was like going to a rehab in Boston with people that were all disabled from using, and how that helped him never drink again.


Jim Clemente, Stevie Mack, Dr. Jason Coe

Special FBI Agent Jim Clemente. Jim speaks about his involvement with the Casey Anthony case, the difference in problem drinkers and alcoholics, and crimes linked with alcoholics and drug addicts. Comedian Stevie Mack joins the show to discuss his battle with crack cocaine, his many accomplishments after getting sober, and his hit radio show.


Brett Gilbert, L.W. Walman

Sober coach LW and hilarious comedian Brett Gilbert. LW speaks about his life of sobriety over the last 20 years and how his father has been sober for 30. Brett Gilbert talks about being sober on the road, and overcoming addiction.


Steve Jackson, Dr. Jason Coe

Dr. Jason Coe, KLEAN’s Medical Director of Psychiatric Services shares his psychiatric expertise with patients that battle drug and alcohol abuse. Comedian Steve Jackson talks about his personal journey in recovery and the rewards of his new life of sobriety.


Richard Weiss, Mark Gantt, Dr. Jason Coe

Actor, Director, Producer Mark Gantt talks about his journey in sobriety and getting sober at 19, as well as his hit web series. Hilarious comedian Richard Weiss joins the show to discuss his struggle with addiction, his new life of sobriety.


Doug Caine, Matt Knost

Doug Caine speaks about his show “Relapse” and how it came about. Comedian Matt Knost talks about getting sober without 12 step groups, and how he hit rock bottom.


Vicki Abelson, Mike Muratore

Mike Muratore talks about the hardest part of doing stand up is the waiting in bars before he gets on stage. Vicki Abelson speaks about her workshop “Women Who Write” and her life in sobriety.


Amber Tozer & Susy McCoppin

The hosts discuss anonymity – the second A in AA. Comedian Amber Tozer talks about her experience on NBC’s hit television show Last Comic Standing and her personal experience with sobriety. Playboy Magazine’s columnist Susy McCoppin shares about her experience with Treatment and recovery.


Tony Denison, Marty Laquidara, Dr. Jason Coe

Prism Award winner and star of The Closer; Tony Denison returns to the show to discusses his role playing a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Dr. Coe pays another visit to the show and talks about the definition of addictive behavior as well as process addictions. Comedian Marty Laquidara joins the show to discuss his journey in sobriety and his experience with treatment and recovery.


Rick Shapiro, Carmine Thompson, Dana Cole

Carmine Thompson, founder of Intervention Allies, explains his role working alongside people who are dealing with a crisis situation and in desperate need of help. Attorney Dana Cole joins the show to discuss deep criminalizing and working with alcoholics or addicts. Comedian Rick Shapiro from Louis CK’s “Life with Louie”, pays a visit.


Dr. Reef Karim, Steve Mittleman

Physician, psychiatrist, addiction medicine specialist, and relationship therapist, Reef Karim joins us this week. Also Comedian Steve Mittleman joins the show. He got his start as the fireman in Steve Martin’s comedy Roxanne.


Zoli Teglas, Bob Perkell

Zoli Teglas, lead singer of the band Pennywise talks about performing sober, and how he spends most of his time rescuing sea birds to rehabilitation hospitals for the Pacific Wildlife Project. Comedian Bob Perkell joins the show to discuss what it was like doing stand up before and after his experience with recovery.


Jack Grisham, Mack Lindsay

Musician, Jack Grisham shares about being a sociopath and his desire to run for Governor in the state of California. Comedian, Mack Lindsey talks about his hour comedy show, the struggles of addiction and staying sober.


Lowell Cauffiel, Gabriella Francis

Lowell Cauffiel, bestselling author and news paper columnist discuses his book, based on forensics and the darkness of writing it. Comedian Gabriella Francis talks about being in 4 different 12 step programs, being an at peace comic, and how not all comics are angry.


Mick Betancourt, Dr. Jason Coe

discuss the benefits of medicine and treatment, while Dr. Coe also explains how medicine is not seen as the only means to an end result. Sober for 9 years, writer and comic, Mick Betancourt shares his story of recovery.


Brian Scannell, David Forseth, Dr. Alan Berger

Actor Brian Scannell talks about going from the mean streets of Boston to the mean streets of Boston sober and being a sober actor getting into the entertainment industry later in life. Comic David Forseth talks about finding Jesus and getting sober. Author and therapist Dr. Alan Berger talks about a few of his bestselling books.


Laughs without Liquor

Comedy trio “Laughs Without Liquor” discuss their recent sober tour all across America, minus 44 states. discuss the latest celebrity debacle, Charlie Sheen.


Bob Forrest, Pat Leborio, Vince Royale

Bob Forrest discusses the merits of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, as well as his views on Alcoholics Anonymous. Comedian Pat Leborio talks about his sumo wrestling Reebok Ad and his experience with recovery and drug and alcohol treatment.


Sam Tripoli, Jayson Thibault

Stars of The Naughty Show, Sam Tripoli and Jayson Thibault talk about life on the road as a sober comics. Hilarious Comic, Amy Dresner pays a visit to the show.


Tony Denison, Rich Aronovitch, Danielle Stewart, Amy Dresner

Actor Tony Denison, of “The Closer” on TBS, talks about the perils of alcoholism in the entertainment industry. Danielle Stewart and Rich Aronovitch talk about what it’s like to be sober on and off stage.