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Jennifer Gimenez, Eddie McClintock

Judah and Jennifer welcome actor Eddie McClintock who stars on the SyFy series “Warehouse 13”. Eddie talks about playing a sober character on the show and how it has allowed him to connect with fans and share his experiences with sobriety to help others.


“Best Of” KLEAN Radio – Season 2 (Part 2)

Part Two of the compilation video of some of the more memorable moments and guests on the show with at the end of the second season. Segments include guests and caller questions.


Jennifer Gimenez, Josie Feldman

Jennifer Gimenez guest hosts along with Judah as they welcome KLEAN Treatment Center clinical hypnotherapist, Josie Feldman. The panel discusses a legal drug that has been getting a lot of exposure in the news “bath salts”. Josie talks about how she uses her background as a psychotherapist and a hypnotist to treat patients.


Dylan Starrs

Musician, Dylan Starrs who has 4 months sobriety talks about how he was able to start writing music again once he entered into a treatment program. He gives a live performance in the studio of a song that he wrote while in rehab.


Jennifer Gimenez

Recurring guest, model, actress, reality TV star, and treatment facilitator at KLEAN, Jennifer Gimenez discusses her new show that just finished shooting – REHAB with Dr. Drew on VH-1 and her new book.


Hayley Mortison & James S

Former fashion model and founder of the clothing line “Sober Is Sexy”, Hayley Mortison returns for another appearance. She is joined by TV producer James S. who has been sober for 23 years and has a degree in chemical dependance.


Timothy Harrington & Michelle Heymann

Timothy Harrington, the founder of Sustainable Recovery and Michelle Heymann, the co-founder of Casa Bella Sober Living for Women, join the show. Both guests talk about their roles as sober companions, how they got started, and how they are helping give credibility to the profession.


Paul Casey

Television director and KLEAN alumni, Paul Casey talks about his addiction issues in his youth and how it wasn’t something that was talked about in his large family but now his family is now his biggest support system.


Bradley Quick

Bradley Quick, life coach, author of “The Quick Fix”, and motivational speaker talks about his book, his radio show, and how he got sober. The panel debates the merits and pitfalls of prescribed treatment medication and the value of AA.


Claudette Rogers-Robinson & Berry Robinson

Motown legend Claudette Rogers-Robinson and her son Berry Robinson join the show. Claudette was a member of the famous “Smokey & The Miracles” signing group and is being inducted into the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame. Berry is a close personal friend of Andrew’s and also a Sober Living Technician.


Julia Negron

Julia Negron, activist and the Director of the LA chapter of “PATH – Parents for Addiction Treatment & Healing”, talks about her role at PATH and her personal struggles with her own sons drug addiction. The panel discusses decriminalization, harm reduction, tough love, sober celebrities and overdose.


Amy Stella

KLEAN Treatment therapist Amy Stella talks about how she uses music as a tool for therapy and rehabilitation. The panel take several calls including one about understanding the difference between acceptable social drinking and alcoholism.


Marc Duquette

Marc Duquette, the author of a memoir, ORANGE SUNSHINE: How I Almost Survived America’s Cultural Revolution. Marc talks about his book, growing up during the ‘Summer of Love’, taking his first acid trip, starting a Commune in southern Oregon, and getting sober after a serious drinking and driving accident.


Carrie White

Celebrity stylist, Carrie White talks about growing up in a house with alcohol and mixing drinks for her parents at the age of six. She digressed into harder drugs as she grew up in Hollywood, rubbing shoulders with celebrities, and talks about it in her best selling book.


Leigh Steinberg “Jerry Maguire”

Leigh Steinberg, the sports super agent and the character that Jerry Maguire was based on calls in as a guest on the show. Leigh opens up about his time at the top, his fall from grace due to alcoholism, his experience in rehab, and how he pulled himself out of the ashes through a 12-Step program.


Hope Horner & Dr. Jason Coe

Hope Horner, the owner and CEO of health and wellness website comes to the studio. The panel talks about correlations between taking care of your body and taking care of your mind during recovery.


Orna and Matthew Walters, Alex Katehakis

Relationship experts, Orna and Matthew Walters, and Alexandra Katehakis from The Center for Healthy Sex are in the studio for a special Valentine’s Day show. They each share some advice on healthy love, relationships, and sex.


Dr. Jason Coe

KLEAN Treatment Center resident psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Dr. Jason Coe talks about patients misusing prescription drugs and how addicts should try to become sober before considering medications to help in recovery.


Cadalack Ron

Underground LA rapper, Cadalack Ron talks about the rap music scene and relates it to his personal experiences, his struggle with heroine and other hard drugs during his youth, his journey through 14 residential treatment centers, and now performing sober.


Jamison Monroe

Jamison Monroe, the CEO and founder of the, Newport Academy, talks about his teen treatment center and shares his experiences of recovery as a young adult. Judah also shares some stories and advice of how he and his family made it through his addiction when he was younger.


Ethlie Ann Vare

Author, screenwriter, lecturer, and playwright, Ethlie Ann Vare, talks about her new book, LOVE ADDICT: SEX, ROMANCE AND OTHER DANGEROUS DRUGS, and the differences between sex addiction versus love addiction.


Jennifer Gimenez

Actress, model and Sober House star, Jennifer Gimenez talks about her sobriety, recently found acting success, and new career as a treatment facilitator.


Hayley Mortison

Former fashion model and founder of the clothing line “Sober Is Sexy”, Hayley Mortison talks about her life in recovery after modeling, how she came up with the business concept, and being a nurturing parent.


“Best Of” KLEAN Radio – Season 2

Compilation video of some of the more memorable moments and guests on the show with in the second season.


Alexandra Katehakis & Doug Evans

Alexandra Katehakis and Doug Evans from The Center for Healthy Sex drop in to the studio to discuss sex addiction. They talk about the differences between healthy and unhealthy sex, sexual obsessions, and the effect of pornography on sex education and sexuality.


Steve Bluestein

Comedian, author, and playwright Steve Bluestein talks about his new book “It’s So Hard to Type with a Gun in Your Mouth”. Sober for over 30 years, Steve shares some excerpts from the book and a bunch of very funny personal anecdotes.


Stuart Finkelstein

Dr. Stuart Finkelstein who specializes in Addictive Medicine at the Cerritos Family Medical Group. They discuss various drugs, their effects, and ways to treat them through medication and treatment.


Larry Wolf

Sober criminal defense attorney, Larry Wolf discusses some of the legal ramifications associated with driving under the influence. Many great callers call in regarding, alcoholism, moderate drinking, functioning alcoholism, and excessive drinking.


Dr. Timothy Fong & Tony Denison

Co-director of the UCLA Gambling Studies Program, Director of the UCLA Addiction Medicine Clinic, Dr. Timothy Fong. Actor and PRISM Award recipient, Tony Denison returns to the show. This week has several very interesting guests call in.


Orna & Matthew Walters

Relationship expert and life purpose coach duo, Orna and Matthew Walters talk about how they help individuals find their highest and best self, and their purpose in life. They explain how love requires work and intentional behavior just like a career or any other goal in life.


Velvet Mangan

Judah talks to Andrew about his appearance on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers and his role in helping the Debarge family. Velvet Mangan, the founder of ‘Safe Harbor House’ joins the show to share about her advocacy for helping women in recovery.


Anna David

Executive Editor of The Fix and published author, Anna David, speaks about her latest novel “Falling For Me”, how she had 10 years of sobriety and hit a wall. talk about functioning addicts and how mental illness if often seen in those suffering from addiction.


Tim Rasmussen

Tim shares about getting sober with “Rational Recovery” and his experience at Fat Camp. Judah also fields several calls from listeners varying from crack addiction, pot smoking, and recognizing drug abuse within the family.


Sherri Lewis

Discussion about the latest Drunk Gummy Bear craze among teenagers in school, and the amazing Sherri Lewis shares about her early childhood career in the entertainment business, and how being diagnosed HIV positive in 1985 has changed her life.


Alonzo Bodden

Season 2 premiere, comedian, Alonzo Bodden joins the show and shares about his 23 years of sobriety, how he broke out in the entertainment business, his experience winning NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and shares how his sobriety puts his success into prospective.