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Josie Feldman & Erica Spiegelman

Therapist Josie Feldman, and addiction counselor Erica Spiegelman join to discuss strange addictions, mental illness being treated alongside addiction treatment, and the lack of programs to help with mental illness.


Dr. Jason Coe & Erica Spiegelman

Andrew and Dr. Coe talk about the serious problem of reimbursement in psychiatry and how getting access to quality care is becoming increasingly difficult. Dr. Coe talks about how AA helps control the addiction but how therapy helps tackle the root of the addiction.


Kim Farber

KLEAN therapist Kim Faber joins the show. The panel opens with a discussion about Lance Armstrong, steroid use, and performance enhancing drugs in sports. Several listeners struggling with sobriety and addiction call in to talk about what they are going through and how they are staying sober.


Jennifer Gimenez

Andrew Spanswick, CEO of KLEAN Treatment Center returns after a long hiatus to his hosting duties alongside Judah Friedman and Jennifer Gimenez. The panel discuss gun control and the epidemic of mental illness that isn’t being addressed in America.


Tony Denison

Actor Tony Denison, who is currently starring in the TV drama “Major Crimes”, talks about how he worked through the tough times during his 20 years of sobriety.


Christopher Kennedy Lawford

Author, actor, activist and member of the prominent Kennedy family, Christopher Kennedy Lawford discusses his new book, “Recover to Live: Kick any Habit, Manage any Addiction”. Christopher talks about how the disease of addiction has been added to the DSM, which opens doors to how it is viewed and how it can be treated.


David Wiss & Alyson Stack

Marriage family therapist and registered intern, Alyson Stack, along with dietetic intern and nutritionist, David Wiss discuss health, nutrition, and food addiction. David and Alyson offer solutions to nutrition that focus on intuitive eating and making healthy decisions with a disciplined diet rather than just cutting specific foods out or following fad diets.


Zach Wohlman

Professional boxer Zach Wohlman opens up about how he struggled with drugs and crime as a teenager but found the road to sobriety through his father’s example. Being sober has allowed him the opportunity to remain focused and to excel in the sport.


Lauri L. Burns & Jane Dawson

Lauri Burns, founder of The Teen Project, and Jane Dawson talk about how they met, what motivated them to build this amazing service, and how it helps “at risk” youth get off the streets and become successful contributing members of society.


Jennifer Gimenez & Erica Spiegelman

Judah Friedman welcomes frequent guests/co-hosts Jennifer Gimenez and Erica Spiegelman. Jennifer begins the show by opening up on how she is struggling with work and trying to find time for herself and feeling balanced in her life. Mary calls in to ask how she could help her son, who has been addicted to prescription drugs for the past 8 years, without enabling him.


Michael Mariano

Michael Mariano, a young recovering heroine addict who recently appeared on the TV series REHAB with Dr. Drew, talks about how he got onto VH1, the recovery process, and the loses he’s experienced along the way.


Dr. Sanda Moldovan & Dr. Olga Malkin

Bi-coastal dentists Dr. Sanda Moldovan and Dr. Olga Malkin talk about how your teeth can tell the story of your health and wellness including detecting eating disorders and drug use. The panel also discusses ways to stay sober and set boundaries during the Thanksgiving holiday.


Mark Gilman & David Goodlad

British Criminologist Mark Gilman and British Addiction Counsellor David Goodlad join the show to compare and contrast the UK perspective on addiction treatment. Several listeners call in, including a sober friend from Manchester.


Erica Spiegelman & Melody Anderson

Special co-host Erica Spiegelman, along with actress Melody Anderson, discuss the recent hurricane “Sandy” that affected the entire East coast of the country. Elizabeth calls in to get help finding her first AA group. Another listener reaches out for help for the first time and talks about his struggle with alcoholism. Weekly caller Patrick checks in with an update on his sobriety.


Eric Adams & Erica Spiegelman

VH1 Rehab’s Eric Adams and returning guest, Addiction Counselor Erica Spiegelman join the show. The panel discuss a recently published article Erica wrote about the “masks” people wear.


Zoë Tryon & Elisa Hallerman

Anthropologist Zoë Tryon talks about getting sober at 21 and how difficult it was to relate to a sober community that was so much older than her. The panel fields several calls including frequent caller Patrick who has 8 days of sobriety on his own.


Elisa Hallerman & Joe Parrott

KLEAN’s Intake Director, Joe Parrott. Joe talks about how the intake process. Former entertainment agent, Elisa Hallerman, talks about going from being a lawyer, to an agent, and eventually starting her own holistic life management company – HallyLife Consulting.


Sean Patrick Flanery

Actor Sean Patrick Flanery who is best known for his roles in the movies Powder and Boondock Saints talks about how martial arts shaped his life and work ethic from his childhood. He also talks about his responsibility revolution and the scholarship program that he started “Christmas 14”.


Kelley Coughlan

Managing Partner at Melrose PR, Kelley Coughlan talks about how she became sober and started her own business before the age of 25, and is now giving back by paying for another addict to fly out for treatment at KLEAN Treatment Center.


Mark Gantt & Erica Spiegelman

Certified Drug & Alcohol counselor, Erica Spiegelman, and actor/producer Mark Gantt talk about ways to live a sober and healthy life without addiction, and the difference between traditional addiction vs. Process addiction.


Jennifer Gimenez

Jennifer talks about her new show “REHAB with Dr. Drew” and how it will be slightly different from previous seasons. The panel answers several calls from listeners struggling with addiction.


Rachel Levi

The founder and director of Shoreline Center for Eating Disorder Treatment, Rachel Levi, talks about struggling with eating disorders. The panel talks about the hazards of fad diets, gastric bypass being a patch but not a solution, and ways to eat healthy.


Jennifer Gimenez

Jennifer Gimenez, who is starring in the upcoming VH1 TV series “REHAB with Dr. Drew” talks about her new show that comes out later this month. The panel discusses “National Recovery Month” and Andrew touches on understanding mental illness as a disease.


Michael Des Barres

Musician and actor Michael Des Barres, who’s known for playing the recurring role of Murdoc on the television show “MacGyver” and for replacing the late Robert Palmer in the band Power Station, talks about getting sober in the 80’s, writing music, and his new album, “Carnaby Street”.


Barry Diamond & David Martel

Comedian Barry Diamond and his Executive Producer, David Martel, talk about how comedy has helped them and others through sobriety. They also promote their “Yukaholics” Comedy Show benefiting people suffering with substance abuse.


Tony Denison

TV Star and recurring guest, Tony Denison, talks a bit about his new TV show which is a spinoff of the Emmy Award winning show “The Closer” and how he was able to quit cocaine and alcohol back in the mid 80’s.


Andrew is Back

Andrew Spanswick returns to the show with a discussion on the contrast between treatment programs in Scotland compared to North America. A bunch of different callers call in to discuss various issues with addiction.


Jennifer Gimenez

Judah and his co-host Jennifer Gimenez take a bunch of calls from listeners. Callers include an Atheist in AA, a grandfather who’s life began when he found sobriety 30yrs ago, and a 20yr marijuana user trying to understand if she is an addict or recreational user.


Chris Paulson

Music producer Chris Paulson, who has 8 years sobriety, is one half of the electronic band “The Pleasure Field”. He reflects back on his moment of clarity where he was shown mercy and felt compelled to use that opportunity to give something back.


Mary Carey

Adult film star Mary Carey, who started as an feature dancer and ran for the Governor of California by the age of 23, decided to get sober after her mother almost died. She talks about appearing on the first Celebrity Rehab, working on Playboy TV, and how she was able to stop drinking and taking Xanax.


Carrie White

Carrie White, hairstylist to the stars and author of the best selling book, Upper Cup, talks about her final days before she chose the path of sobriety 28 years ago. The panel also discusses prescription medicine, doctors over-prescribing medication, how environment can play a role in addiction and the need for treatment.


Danny Trejo

Actor Danny Trejo, who has 44 years sobriety, talks about how he connects with the youth and tries to make a difference in their lives by being a positive role model. He also talks about how he got sober while in solidarity in state penitentiary and how he originally got into the film industry.


Leigh Steinberg

Leigh Steinberg, the inspiration for the fictional character and movie “Jerry McGuire” and also known as the most successful and prominent sports agents in the pro sports world talks about once leading a “functional alcoholic” lifestyle that eventually got the best of him.