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Christopher Kennedy Lawford

Author Christopher Kennedy Lawford talks about his new book What Addicts Know. The panel discuss how we are all exposed to traumas throughout our lives, and how this book can be used as a blueprint for living, how to find a role model to help with transformation, and how to move on.


Leigh Steinberg

After recently getting back his license to practice, super agent Leigh Steinberg has returned to the Sports and Entertainment world. He talks about what it means to be an agent, being an agent for change, and working to instill those values within the athletes he represented over the years.


Pat O’Brien

TV and radio personality Pat O’Brien talks about his years as a broadcaster, getting his start in a rock band in the Midwest, and how his drinking escalated over the years. He tells the story of when he hit his bottom on a beach in Nantucket, was airlifted to a rehab, then met the right counselor who helped him turn things around.


Will De Los Santos

Writer/director William De Los Santos returns to the show to talk about writing the movie Spun, his drug use and rehab while he was living in Portland, and the life he lives now. Several listeners call in to give updates.


Holiday Season

host a holiday season episode with several listeners calling in to discuss mental health issues, the shortcomings of the judicial system as it applies to mental health and some inspirational updates.


Louie Sabatasso, Jonathan Freeman

Judah welcomes returning guest and actor Louie Sabatasso. Louie talks contrasts the difference between how Thanksgiving and the Winter Holidays were spent before and after he became sober. Comedian and writer, Jonathan Freeman joins Louie. Louie and Jonathan talk about how creativity in their craft increases in sobriety, but it takes time to make the adjustment.


Mackenzie Phillips

American actress and singer Mackenzie Phillips opens up to Judah and Andrew about her book, trauma, relapse, and recovery. Several listeners call in looking for help with their addictions and sharing their progress.


Erica Spiegelman & Milt Parham

Andrew and Erica Spiegelman discuss Crack and Molly in the news. Several listeners call in asking questions about prescribed drugs and pain management. KLEAN Washington’s Executive Director Milt Parham talks about their treatment facility and some of the programs they are running.


Angela Pugh

Interventionist Angela Pugh returns to the show to take calls with . Heather gives an update on her martial struggles, Todd looks for answers to his metabolic syndrome, and Amy calls in to thank Andrew for helping her take steps toward getting out of an abusive relationship.


Jennifer Gimenez

Jennifer Gimenez talks about her struggles with addiction and eating disorders, upcoming acting roles, and touches briefly upon her dating life. She also talks about her new venture – SoberBook. Former adult star Jennie Ketcham calls in to discuss her sobriety, her new book, and returning to school for a post-graduate degree.


Craig Shoemaker

Actor and comedian Craig Shoemaker has a heated debate with on the merits of medical diagnosis and treatment vs. the spiritual route. Craig advocates the benefits reaped bytaking care of your mind, body, and soul. Several listeners call in with questions about bi-polar disorder and other mental issues.


Dr. Jeff Nalin & Nanette Zumwalt

Dr. Jeff Nalin – founder of Paradigm Malibu and Nanette Zumwalt – owner of Hired Power discuss treatment and recovery for adolescents, how it’s crucial to get the parents involved and educated, and ways to create an open dialogue with them.


Robert Rusler

Actor and director, Robert Rusler talks with Judah about hope. Robert explains how challenges and hardships in life can provide stepping stones towards sobriety and a new-found strength that can be passed along to help others struggling with similar issues. Several listeners call in looking for advice and Robert suggests to get a commitment to help another individual, and to try taking contrary actions.


Dangerous Drugs

discuss some of the most dangerous drugs, why they are dangerous, and how decriminalization of them may lower abuse and crime. They also discuss the dangers of withdrawal and going cold turkey.


Dr. Phil Hemphill, Dan Griffin M.A.

Two authors, Dr. Phil Hemphill and Dan Griffin join the show to discuss: What is addiction? The knowledgeable panel also talk about AA, sexual trauma, intimacy, and how it relates to addiction and recovery.


Andrew & Judah

discuss the dangers of addicts getting sober, then relapsing when their tolerance is lower, which can lead to overdose. They talk about the Employee Assistance Program and how to keep your job during rehab. Andrew also explains how certain prescribed medications can help treat mental issues when properly diagnosed.


Dr. Jeff Nalin & Dr. Steve Sager

Dr. Jeff Nalin returns to the show with Dr. Steve Sager from Paradigm Malibu to discuss alcohol and drug use in teenagers (specifically MDMA). They also discuss how taking drugs at a young age can shape a youth’s identity formation, the side effects of prolonged use, and how it can be treated.


Never Too Late to Get Sober

open the show with a discussion on comments made by boxing champ, Mike Tyson who came out to the media admitting that he has an addiction problem. They also address the increasing issue of adults who now have chronic pain problems in later life that they treat with prescription drugs which can eventually lead to addiction.


Lauri Burns

Founder of The Teen Project, Lauri Burns introduces Freehab: a free, residential, 12-step drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that she co-founded with Russell Brand. Aaron, a student of The Teen Project talks about how he came into the program, what it’s like to be homeless, and how he has turned his life around.


Jim DiMaggio – Kidnapping Case

Andrew Spanswick discusses his relationship with kidnapper and alleged murderer James DiMaggio, being the spokesperson for the family, interviews he had with media outlets, and collaborating with the FBI. Andrew expands on the dangers for people who have sustained a major tragedy during childhood (such as the suicide of Jim’s father), that if untreated can manifest in later life.


Dr. Gregory A. Smith

Co-writer and producer of the film “American Addict”, Dr. Gregory Smith talks about integrative medicine for the treatment of chronic pain and prescription narcotic dependence and addiction. The panel also discuss the need for insurance reform rather than health care reform – paying for outcomes rather than procedures and medication treating symptoms.


Dr. Amy Reichenbach

Licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Amy Reichenbach talks about the neurology behind addiction and how we can explain to loved ones the science behind an addicted individuals personality and behavior. Several listeners call in to discuss their issues and seek help.


Angela Pugh

Interventionist Angela Pugh talks about the different styles of intervention and the many challenges that arise from the lack of communication between the addict and the people trying to help them. She also explains how an interventionist can be more effective than a loved one alone because they can be more objective and less emotionally involved or susceptible to manipulation.


Overcoming Addiction

discuss overcoming addiction. Several listeners call in to discuss their struggles and also how they overcame their addiction, including: personal revelations, cold-turkey, and Igobaine. Andrew explains the benefit and dangers of each one.



discuss alcoholism and identifying whether or not someone is alcoholic. They talk about the signs and behavior that are associated with alcoholism including preoccupation and a feeling of shame.


Jaron Lowenstein & Dr. Jeff Nalin

Singer Jaron Lowenstein, and the founder of Paradigm Malibu – Dr. Jeff Nalin, talk about treating adolescents who are growing up too quickly, have easier access to drugs, and parents who aren’t fully equipped with coping skills to handle all of these variables. They also discuss creating authentic and open communication to connect with youth.


Drug Legalization

Andrew talks about the possible legalization of drugs and why it may make sense since the FDA and law enforcement agencies cannot keep up with the chemists and companies constantly producing new derivatives of unregulated drug compounds, and selling them legally on the internet.


Dr. Louise Stanger

Renowned interventionist, Dr. Louise Stanger shares her experiences from her 35 years of interventions, what an intervention is, the history behind the models and methodology, and how it comes about. Steve calls in to talk about his intervention experience.


Tony Denison

Tony Denison, whose TNT Network TV series “Major Crimes” is now in its second season, talks about staying sober through adversity and managing expectations. He also reminisces about the first day he decided to go to an AA meeting. Amy calls in to talk about anonymity as it relates to AA and recovery.


Dr. Jason Coe

KLEAN Treatment’s own Addictionologist Dr. Jason Coe talks about how addiction treatment has changed over the past few decades. He discusses with Andrew the evolution of psychoanalysis and dual-diagnosis treatment as it relates to addiction and mental illness.


Robert Rusler

Actor and director Robert Rusler talks about his rise to Hollywood fame in the 80’s, his spiral down to where he hit his bottom, and how he was able to put the pieces back together. He also talks about his new passion project – the horror film “Black Asylum” that is being crowd-sourced by fans and for the fans.


Will De Los Santos

The writer of the movie “Spun” and new upcoming release “Tranzloco”, Will De Los Santos talks about how life in sobriety has helped improve his career and enrich his personal and family life.


Mothers’s Day Special

discuss the plight of a parent with a child suffering from addiction and also parents themselves suffering from addiction. Several mothers call in to share their stories while offer treatment options and support.


Ashley Hamilton

Actor and music recording artist Ashley Hamilton who is “Firepower” in the galaxy’s #1 movie, IRON MAN 3 discusses his battles with addiction and his life in sobriety. Writer and director Will De Los Santos calls into the show to talk about the upcoming movie that Ashley will be starring in, “Tranzloco”. Will talks about how his friendship with Ashley helped get him sober.


Erica Spiegelman

Sober Advocate Judah Friedman and Addiction Counselor Erica Spiegelman discuss managing relationships safely while in sobriety and whether drunk driving laws are too lenient. Judah explains the value of having a sober partner or sponsor to accompany you on your first few social engagements.


Andrew & Judah

discuss dealing with stress and ways to stay sober while attending social events or just in general. Several listeners call in with questions.


Dr. Brandy Engler

Sex therapist and clinical psychologist, Dr. Brandy Engler describes what sex addiction is and how it can be treated. The panel discuss how teen drug use has been affected by the ease of access to online pornography and prescription drugs.


Andrew Spanswick

Andrew Spanswick talks about anti-depressants and how they have been given a negative image due to poor efforts on the part of psychiatry and lack of funding or interest from the government. He explains how there have been huge improvements in the treatment of mental illness and the medication that is used for treatment.


Lisa Cypers Kamen

Renowned happiness expert, author, philanthropist, documentarian, and life coach Lisa Cypers Kamen talks about positive psychology and her reintegration program Harvesting Happiness for Heroes, which deals with combat trauma recovery.


Ann Windes

Pro Beach Volleyball Player and author of the novel “Journey to the Heart of Pachamama”, Ann Windes joins the show. She talks about how a career ending injury in volleyball led her to a path of service and spirituality, then a journey to Peru where she volunteered and eventually based her book upon.


Dr. Dina & Joe Parrott

Medicinal marijuana advocate Dr. Dina, and KLEAN Intake Director Joe Parrott are this week’s guests. Dr. Dina is known to be the inspiration for the character, “Nancy Botwin” in the Showtime Drama/Comedy “Weeds”. Andrew has a lively debate with Dr. Dina over the medical benefits of marijuana consumption.


Louie Sabatasso

Actor and filmmaker, Louie Sabatasso, talks about his experience with rehab and sobriety, and his new movie about recovery called “Wish You Were here”. Jillian calls in to ask about how you can provide help to people in rehab while maintaining anonymity. A fan from New Mexico calls in with 49 days of sobriety.


Ashley Loeb

Ashley Loeb, the co-founder of Lionrock Recovery is this week’s guest for the landmark 100th episode. Lionrock provides addiction treatment online to people who would otherwise not have access to help. Several listeners call in to share their stories of how KLEAN has helped them and their loved ones.


Dr. Jason Coe

Dr. Jason Coe, Specialist in Addiction and Dual Diagnosis is this week’s guest. Several different listeners call in with some great questions including: the effectiveness of Naltrexone, how do you know if you are an alcoholic, how to get treatment without leaving your job, and how to get treatment for an addiction to doctor prescribed drugs.


Dr. Brandy Engler & Erica Spiegelman

For the beginning of Season 4, author of the bestselling novel “The Men on My Couch”, and licensed clinical psychologist specializing in relationships and sexuality, Dr. Brandy Engler joins the show. This week’s episode deals with sex addiction, the difference between addiction and promiscuity, and how it can be treated.