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Jason Coe on honesty in sobriety

Jun 13, 2016Comments off511 Views

JUDAH says: “I really think that once you share these things, once you start to open up and get honest it makes life so much

Jason Coe on surrounding yourself with supp...

Jun 13, 2016Comments off480 Views

JUDAH says: “This is actually a very interesting point. If I can get a team of a few people that I trust in the area

Jason Coe on getting through the disease

Jun 13, 2016Comments off445 Views

JUDAH says: “In our disease, you get through it by talking about yourself, going to meetings, and going out to eat with people. That’s a

Mental Health and Addiciton

Jan 24, 2014Comments off1404 Views

Guest: Dr. Jason Coe Addictionologist, Dr. Jason Coe returns to the show to talk about the connection between mental health and addiction, and answer questions from

Episode 122

Season 4 – Episode 25

Aug 07, 2013Comments off1025 Views

Guest: Dr. Gregory A. Smith Co-writer and producer of the film "American Addict", Dr. Gregory Smith talks about integrative medicine for the treatment of chronic pain

Episode 113

Season 4 – Episode 16

Jun 05, 2013Comments off613 Views

Guest: Dr. Jason Coe KLEAN Treatment's own Addictionologist Dr. Jason Coe talks to Andrew about how addiction treatment has changed over the past few decades and

Episode 99

Season 4 – Episode 2

Feb 28, 2013Comments off822 Views

Guest: Dr. Jason Coe Dr. Jason Coe, Specialist in Addiction and Dual Diagnosis is this week's guest. Several different listeners call in with some great questions

Episode 96

Season 3 – Episode 32

Feb 01, 2013Comments off1600 Views

Guests: Dr. Jason Coe & Erica Spiegelman Andrew and Dr. Coe talk about the serious problem of reimbursement in psychiatry and how getting access to quality

Episode 60

Season 2 – Episode 29

May 08, 2012Comments off1033 Views

Guests: Hayley Mortison & James S Former fashion model and founder of the clothing line “Sober Is Sexy”, Hayley Mortison returns for another appearance. She is

Episode 50

Season 2 – Episode 19

Feb 26, 2012Comments off722 Views

Guest: Hope Horner, Dr. Jason Coe Hope Horner, the owner and CEO of health and wellness website comes to the studio. The panel talks about correlations